• A new way to nurture sales-qualified leads
  • TechEdge combines an informative overview of a topic, sharp product feature videos, and targeted inbound marketing to deliver gold-standard sales-qualified leads!
    This is the first time that you can get direct, actionable, and immediate ROI from a digital video placement:
    Share a brochure, manual, and/or a few key insights and TechEdge will do the rest:
    With minimal hands-on effort from you, we’ll develop a custom product video and share it. Relying on our proprietary list, we’ll ensure that your video is seen by a targeted and engaged group.

    Share leads directly with your sales team, because our quote-request names are qualified and vetted.

    Join an existing TechEdge feature:
    Mouse Models for Disease Research
    Multicolor Flow Cytometric Analysis
    Single-cell Sequencing and Analysis
    Coming soon

    Digital PCR


    Binding-Affinity Analysis

    In Vivo Imaging

    High-Content Analysis


    Super-Resolution Microscopy

    Cloud-based Genome Informatics & Data Management

    Why Work With TS?
    Choose TS for access to the transformative power of TechEdge, but stay with TS for our deep knowledge of how to leverage your leads to move your revenue needle in the right direction.
    Our contact list is second to none, comprising bench researchers, senior scientists, lab managers, and primary investigators (see how our subscribers stack up, here). By putting your unique product-review video in front of the real decision makers, you’ll see how our content translates into a real ROI.
    Bridging Marketing and Sales
    You asked; we listened. We developed a first-in-class product to provide a true and demonstrable value from inbound marketing. TechEdge is a video production and hosting service that brings you qualified, sales-ready leads. TechEdge is the missing link between marketing and sales! Here’s how it works:
    • Answer a questionnaire about your product’s unique attributes
    • Our video partner will develop a product video
    • We’ll promote the TechEdge page, and your video will bring in highly qualified quote requests
    • You may also use the video on your own site once promotion is complete
    Supplemental Offerings To Complete Your Campaign
    There are several ways to enhance your TS TechEdge video and leads. Consider asking us to turn your video into a TS social media optimized video. A nurture stream will provide you with the perfect landing page, email blast, and social posts to drive additional traffic. We can even develop a custom eBook on a topic related to your product.
    Let's Talk Creative
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