• TS ToolKits: Gatefold Posters
  • Showcase your science on the center page of our flagship print magazine. TS Toolkits are gatefold posters included in print and digital formats for easy sharing. Many of our readers like to pin these large, colorful posters up in their laboratories. Rest assured that they’ll be viewed again and again!
    There are TWO options in every print issue to sponsor a TS Toolkit:
    You may select a custom topic of your choice for us to design
    Or sponsor a poster topic selected for optimal reader interest by the Creative Services staff
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    Why Work With TS?
    We specialize in turning your science – whether that means an instrument, a new product, technique, or concept – into large, captivating images. Our team of creative, PhD-trained scientific professionals and graphic designers turn even the most complex ideas into eye-catching images to feature in our print magazine and for digital download.
    Turn Heads with a TS ToolKit!
    Our gatefold Toolkit posters can be featured in print in our monthly magazine; they are popular pull-out posters in commercial and academic laboratories alike! Commonly used to demonstrate the applications of a new product or instrument, they are also available in digital format, with options for leads and extra print copies. Authentic and unique, our gatefold posters take the cake! 
    What Goes Well With A Toolkit?
    Toolkits are seen by our entire US distribution in all their fold-out glory, so creating a campaign around a TS Toolkit can be a rewarding experience. If your topic lends itself to video, we can create a social media optimized video based on the poster to generate buzz. Build up your content offerings by developing custom content projects on related topics, and share this all on a landing page to boost your SEO ranking on a topic. Need help getting eyes on that landing page? One of our PPL campaigns can help.
    Let's Talk Creative
    Find out how valuable a longer-form custom art piece can be when it's sandwiched in the pages of our popular print magazine! To learn more, fill out this form and get in touch.