• Highlight what you do best in a work of art
  • The TS Toolkit is a gatefold poster included in our flagship print magazine. There are two sponsorship opportunities each issue. Bring a product, a mechanism, or a field of study to life in a vibrant and informative poster. Great for hanging on a wall, a door, or the lab fridge as a reference, or as an eye-catching handout at a conference. Work with our team of PhD-trained scientists and professional artists to combine aesthetic beauty with technical precision.
    There are TWO options in every print issue to sponsor a TS Toolkit
    The TS Toolkit is a gatefold poster included in our flagship print issue.
    Why Work With TS?
    The Scientist Magazine has been a well-respected publication for life scientists for over 30 years, and placement of a custom design piece in our issue not only offers a direct line to dedicated readers who look forward to the posters contained within the pages each month, but it also comes along with a lasting piece of scientific art aligned to your brand standards (if required).
    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
    Be Prepared With A TS Toolkit!
    The TS Toolkit poster is a gatefold-style poster that is custom designed to editorial standards. The sponsoring company derives value from this by providing two full-page ads that sandwich the poster content in the issue. There is also room for a company profile, which enables you to introduce your company and its products to our readers. Here’s how the process works:
    • Reserve a spot in an issue (three to four months in advance)
    • Share your vision for the poster, or request concept help from our team of creators and designers
    • Approve the text-based outline of your poster to set the scope of the project
    • Review the layout version (three rounds of review) and provide your two ads
    • The Toolkit appears in an issue and online, and you’ll receive 200 additional copies of the poster
    What Goes Well With A Toolkit?
    Toolkits are seen by our entire US distribution in all their fold-out glory, so creating a campaign around a TS Toolkit can be a rewarding experience. If your topic lends itself to becoming a social-style video, we can create one to generate buzz for your poster (and, in turn, your company and products). Build up your content offerings by developing Custom Content projects on related topics, and share this all on a landing page to boost your SEO ranking on a topic. Need help getting eyes on that landing page? One of our PPL campaigns can help.
    Let's Talk Creative
    Find out how valuable a longer-form custom art piece can be when it's sandwiched in the pages of our popular print magazine! To learn more, fill out this form and get in touch.