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    Our monthly content update newsletters - the Electronic Table of Contents (eTOC) and Outside the Cover (OTC) - hit over 165,000 subscribers2 respectively at the beginning and middle of each month.
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    Our eTOC newsletter signals to our readers that a new issue is available and gives them access to every article. With an average open rate of 15%,2 it's the gateway to the valuable content they expect from The Scientist. We use our OTC newsletter to keep our readers up to speed with the new content being added daily to the TS website by alerting them mid-month with a digest of the most popular online-only stories and expanded content related to the month’s print articles.
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    Sponsorship includes 4 high-visibility ad spots (top, and bottom leaderboard banners and two middle boomboxes) around the monthly content newsletter. Sponsorships are available in blocks of 25,000 emails.
    How This Product Fits
    Brands with more touch points across multiple mediums are more likely to be selected by customers. Place similar ads in our eTOC/OTC newsletters and in our monthly issue and readers are more likely to recognize and remember you with these multiple touch-points throughout the month!
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    2. Publisher's own data