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“The articles have emotion and [a] human behind them. It’s one of the few things I read cover to cover”
PhD, Lab Director at Duke University
Monthly Columns


An in-depth report on an emerging research field or a new development in an established field


Two short, front-of-the-book articles that go behind the scenes to report on how life-science research is done

The Literature

A précis of three recently published scientific papers chosen from different life-science fields

Scientist to Watch

A profile of an up-and-coming young scientist

Bio Business

A look at what’s hot in biotech


On being a scientist

Reading Frames

A one-page essay by the author of a newly published book covering some aspect of the life sciences


End page of each issue covering a historical episode from medicine or the life sciences

Speaking of Science

Quotes from the life-science community and a crossword puzzle with science-related clues and answers
The Scientist Website


Breaking news, in-depth analyses of developing life-science issues, investigative stories, and short news summaries


From the pens of life scientists

Image of the Day

Thought-provoking images of life and science


Infographics, slideshows, posters, and videos to enrich print and web content


Interactive scientific panel discussions featuring well-known and highly respected industry experts and key opinion leaders


Detailed exploration of specific topics and processes in the life sciences industry


Information and guidance for adopting new technologies in the lab


The latest business news from our sponsors
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1. June 2019 BPA Statement2. Publisher's own data