• Fast Turnaround. Factually Focused.
  • App Notes? Newsletters? Blogs? Infographics? We can do it all! Let our PhD-trained science writers create custom material tailored to your desired audience to highlight your brand, products, and messages. You name the topic; we'll do the research.
    Why Work With TS?
    Creative isn't our middle name, it's our first name
    Our dedicated staff of PhD-trained science writers have a knack for creating relatable yet rigorous content; they are ready to understand your science, your products, and your unique brand voice. They can develop content that feels true to your brand or help you break out of that content corner you’ve been stuck in. Whether you want a seriously refreshing tone (as you might find in our magazine) or something a little more uniquely you, we can handle that. Think of us as members of your team – off-site scientific content specialists – with the goal of making sure you project the right image to your customers.
    Custom Creative
    We can do it all
    It’s hard to depict the full scope of our Custom Content Development offerings in a short snippet; the reality is that we’re up for anything, so bring us your unique, creative, ambitious, and cutting-edge ideas, and we can help you to realize them. If you don’t know what you need, we can help you with a content audit, identifying and filling gaps in your collateral portfolio. Think of our team as an extension of yours!
    How Can I Build Custom Content Into My Bespoke Bundle?
    Custom content development can be combined with nearly every type of product or opportunity that The Scientist offers: we will help you create custom content for a pay per lead campaign, compose a custom eBook and additional custom articles to continue the education via a nurture stream, gear up for a webinar by sharing custom articles and educating your audience on common challenges and solutions, or write a series of blog posts to build anticipation for a product launch!
    Let's Talk Creative
    Any questions? Ready to get started? Reach out and your local rep will be in touch!