• Content-development and lead-generation in one package
  • eBooks combine informative short articles with eye-catching infographics to create an attractive resource on a specific scientific subject. Choose your own topic or sponsor an eBook prepared by the Creative Services team based on reader interest. Whether you want an introductory primer or an in-depth look, our team of PhD-trained science writers will make it happen. Repurpose the eBook for larger campaigns, use it in tandem with other content pieces, or revisit it as a lead-generator in the future!
    Custom-written eBooks drive more-qualified leads
    One recent eBook generated
    200 leads in under one week2
    Why Work With TS?
    eBooks from The Scientist are well researched and expertly written by our staff of PhD-trained science writers. They’re also designed with the web in mind, so our three articles are all bite-sized reads, and our infographic doesn’t overwhelm with miniscule detail. We’ve thought it through so you don’t have to.
    Versatility Exemplified
    Custom eBooks from The Scientist are a combination of content development and lead-generation, all in one. We’ll work with you to identify a topic that will make your target audience take notice. We’ll help you focus your eBook to receive the right leads. Here’s how our custom eBooks work:
    • Talk to your sales representative and let them know what topic you’d like to cover
    • We’ll develop an outline for review and approval
    • Our team will research the topic and create three short-form articles and one short-form infographic
    • With three rounds of layout review, you’ll be able to fine tune the eBook to your needs
    • Once approved, we’ll promote your eBook and supply you with leads
    • You’ll then receive the eBook for use as you see fit
    Build Campaigns Around eBooks
    Since eBooks result in five individual pieces of custom content (one eBook, three articles, one infographic), they’re perfect for repurposing once promotion is complete. Share your articles via an eBlast, or opt for a social media optimized video. Since you’ll own the co-branded content, you can share it wherever you like. All we ask is that you attribute the articles to The Scientist.
    Let's Talk Creative
    We're happy to help you find the perfect eBook topic to collect the leads you need. Send us a message and we'll get back to you with the next steps.
    2. Publisher's own data