• What can your content do for you?
  • Work with our team of PhD-trained science writers to target segments of our large, diverse audience of life science researchers. We’ll help you reach these purchasers using a combination of email and social media marketing. Whether you want nurture-ready or sales-qualified leads, we can provide them.
    Combine the right content with the right audience to receive
    150 qualified, sales-ready leads in less than two months2
    200 nurture-ready leads in less than one week2
    Why Work With TS?
    The Scientist’s Creative Services Division has perfected the art of pay-per-lead (PPL) campaigns. This PPL savvy, combined with our expansive list of active and engaged scientists, will bring you responsive, targeted leads quickly.
    Targeted Messaging to an Engaged Audience
    PPL campaigns with The Scientist are designed for lead generation, whether you need email addresses or intent-to-purchase statements. We’ll guide your content selection or help you develop something new and eye-catching. Here’s how it works:
    • Discuss your needs with your sales representative and clarify the content, audience, type, and quantity of leads
    • We’ll develop the perfect landing page and promotional campaign
    • As soon as promotion begins, you’ll receive new leads each week
    • Invoicing is completed monthly until your campaign goals are met
    What Bundles Best With PPLs?
    PPLs are an excellent way to develop your contact list and reach a new audience, but where do you go from there? We can help you nurture your contacts into sales-ready leads. Our nurture stream projects include everything you’ll need to reach out to your leads, including landing pages, email blasts, and social posts. Not sure what you’ll serve them? Consider a custom article or infographic to keep them learning and growing as your customer.
    Let's Talk Creative
    If you're new to the PPL concept, we can help you do it. Get the right leads, right now! Leave a message and your local sales representative will get in touch.
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