• Making A Masterpiece
  • Part science, part art. Turn your scientific facts and figures into an eye-catching poster or infographic with the help of our creative team of PhD-trained scientists and graphic designers. Perfect for showcasing a technique, for highlighting the beauty of a product, or for explaining a method. Our poster products are available in multiple sizes and formats. Our infographics work well as vivid, factual handouts for conferences, or as handy explainers to pin up in a laboratory. Want a different format? We can make it!
    Multiple formats, accurate and unique, in print and online!
    Why work with TS?
    Creative is in our name, science is in our nature, and scientific creations are where we excel. Having trouble conceptualizing a handout? Need something bright and attention-grabbing for a conference? Talk to our team of artistic, PhD-trained scientific professionals and graphic designers then let us articulate your ideas into attention-grabbing images to hang on a wall, put on a website, turn into a leaflet, or send in an email. We pride ourselves on handling almost any scientific vision you throw at us. In fact, we challenge you to challenge us!
    We take delight in working on your posters, handouts, and infographics!
    Custom posters can be designed for print or web (or both!) and may feature whatever your company requires. Available in almost any printable or web-ready size, from basic one-page spreads, to highly technical infographics. All are classed as custom content, so they can really be whatever you want them to! An explainer poster? Some conference art? A picture of some dancing lab techs? Let’s ignite your ideas into print!

    Graphical illustration of protocols are like easy-to-read standard operating procedures; think of them like static explainer videos. Illustrations engage and enable scientists to better follow instructions, and look good, to boot! Methodical yet artistic, whether you’re explaining how an instrument works or wanting to illuminate a set of new methods, our graphical illustrations can be adapted for any use.
    How does partnering with TS for posters help me?
    Here at The Scientist, we believe that the best scientific artwork begins with a deep understanding of the subject matter. We’re not just a team of graphic artists; we’re graphically minded scientists that have been working in harmony with our on-site designers for many years. It’s this unique combination of artists and scientists that provides you with a professional experience that won’t disappoint!
    Let's Talk Creative
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