• High Engagement. Large Audience.
  • Place your science where scientists will see it. Videos? Ads? Competitions? Our social media game is strong. Social-media optimization and quick-witted prose is our forte.
    By The Numbers...
    The Scientist has a combined Facebook audience of more than 3.7 Million, with more than 2 Million on our main page alone. Once your post is prepped and primed by our team of science and marketing professionals, we take care of getting your post in front of the right people, using our niche pages for selective targeting. We’re also kind of a big deal on Twitter, where we like to spread the love of all-things-science to our more than 60,000 person following. Let our social media team hit the right social note for your product. You think of the product, we’ll do the rest.
    Why Work with the TS Social Team?
    Here at The Scientist, we’re a social bunch. And we’ve been a part of the social scene for long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. In that time, we’ve built a tremendous following on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We know how to network, and we’d like you to join us! Here’s how it works:
    • Decide on a social tactic: video, contest, picture, campaign?
    • Let our team of social-savvy scientists conceptualize a post
    • Review and approve the outline of your post
    • Decide on a go-live date, and where to put your post
    • Watch your post attract and entertain your target audience
    Let's Talk Creative
    Ready to experience true ROI? Leave us a note and your sales representative will be in touch to get you started.