• Boost your credibility by making sure your KOLs’ opinions are seen and heard
  • Directly showcase how important people feel about your product with a high-quality custom video screened by PhD-trained scientists to ensure message-focus cohesion. Go beyond features and specifications to capture human problems and solutions, show how your product is directly benefiting researchers, and become a trusted resource.
    Get hundreds to thousands of views of your KOL videos.
    See the difference a KOL or customer interview can make!
    Why Work With TS?
    The Scientist Creative Services Division has been developing high-quality, custom video projects for its customers for several years, and each one of those years has seen an increase in the demand for informational and educational videos. This experience has given our team an edge when it comes to understanding your science, what makes it unique, and how best to capture that magic.
    YouTube Video Views (Year over Year)2
    Time PeriodNumber of VideosYT Video Views
    2016 (Jan-Dec)426,674
    2017 (Jan-Dec)5310,407
    2018 (Jan-Sep)6113,051
    Seeing Is (The First Step To) Believing
    Whether you want to capture the reactions of a panel of your product’s end users to a workflow-revolutionizing benefit, or you’d like to promote the science of a revered researcher, video is the most direct path to your customers. Our videos are impactful because they offer a human angle, beyond the standard talking head video that is so common in life-science marketing. Here’s how we do it:
    • Talk to your sales rep about your needs, location of the shoot, timetable, and your goals
    • We’ll develop a plan, together, including a script, shotlist, storyboard, and interview (as appropriate)
    • On a group call with your team, the interviewee(s), and our video team, we’ll cover the day-of plan
    • We’ll show up, set up, and capture top-quality interview, action, and B-roll footage
    • Our editors will bring the video together in a professional package, ready to share online or at shows
    Building Trust, Cultivating Awareness
    Interview videos are an excellent tool for helping to develop awareness of a specific topic/challenge/application in your target audience. A great companion piece is an educational, co-branded eBook. Benefitting from the relationship with The Scientist’s credible content, your eBook can provide an introduction to a new topic or it can delve deeply into the mechanisms and subtleties of the science. Each eBook comes with a pre-set number of leads that you can nurture and develop with your video. Once you have the interview video and eBook, it’s time to develop a social-media-optimized video. Our short (~30 seconds) videos will promote your other more established content to our 2 million-plus social media followers!
    Let's Talk Creative
    Ready to see the impact video can have for your brand? We're ready to help!
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