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  • Need a movie to explain a method or promote a product? Require an on-set videographer to film a laboratory technique explainer? Then you’ve come to the right place! The Scientist offers videos in a variety of formats, from short social-media optimized videos to high-tech 3D animations. Let us know what you need, and we’ll share the director’s chair to get the movie made!
    Our social media optimized videos showcase your product to millions of readers.
    Product brochure videos turn static images into fluid motion.
    Customer Testimonials – Let us handle the camera!
    Make Oscar-worthy films from scientific procedures!
    Why work with TS?
    The Scientist’s video team has a long history of turning science into magnificent motion pictures! With scientific and technical backgrounds, they work alongside PhD-trained science editors to support your video needs, whether you are looking for a short, simple video for social media, a fun animation, or an on-site method demonstration.

    YouTube Video Views (Year over Year)

    2016: 6,674 Views on 42 videos

    2017: 10,407 Views on 53 videos

    2018: 13,051 Views on 61 videos

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    Video Offerings
    Social Media Optimized Video
    A 20-30 second video designed for high impact on social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube. These can be playful or more serious in tone. We will help you decide what works best for your message!
    Scientist Interview Video
    These videos are generally 3-5 minutes in length, and involve our videography team filming onsite. The Creative Services team will work with you to iron out the details beforehand.
    Tradeshow Booth Video
    1-2 minute videos filmed at your company booth. The Creative Services team of PhD-trained science writers will help script and film you and your products right there at the tradeshow. We will bring the footage home and edit as needed, so you can use it for other applications.
    Company Profile / Customer Testimonial Video
    Up to 4 minutes in length, our company profile or testimonial videos are filmed onsite after our Creative Services team drafts a storyboard. These are great for showcasing real-world applications of instruments or products.
    Product Brochure Video (2D or 3D)
    These 2-4 minute videos highlight a new product. They can be made in various formats and animated in 2D or 3D.
    Tasty Video (protocol video)
    If you need to describe how a method is performed, our Tasty videos are what you are looking for! We fly the videographer to you to take the work out of explaining a method.
    Scientific Animation
    Our 2D and 3D animators will bring your science to life!
    Scientific Symposium Video
    Need to capture a scientific symposium or workshop on video? These videos can be up to 1 hour in length, are expertly filmed on location, and then edited to suit your needs.
    It's inbound marketing at its finest! Send us your marketing collateral and we'll develop a custom product video and share it with proprietary targeted lists. Share leads directly with your sales team! See our dedicated TechEdge page for more information!
    How does partnering with TS for video help me?
    You bring the science; we make the movie-magic. Our long history in the scientific filming, production, and editing industry means we can turn almost any concept into a video that your customers will watch time and time again!
    Let's Talk Creative
    Let's keep this conversation moving. Leave us a note and we'll be in touch.
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