• Casually meet your customers where they spend their time
  • It's a busy world out there, so get people rec'ing, liking, and tweeting about your brand and your message with short, clever, catchy, and engaging social media-optimized videos courtesy of The Scientist! Our PhD-trained scientists and professional video editors will work together to deliver a message that just might go viral (even when no viruses are involved!), so just sit back and relax as the views roll in.
    Social videos are a perfect way to casually meet your customers where they spend their time. A recent social-media-optimized video had:
    Nearly 8,000 Views
    Over a period of 4 months
    Reaching over 40,000 viewers
    And receiving dozens of reactions
    *Publisher’s own data from 2017 Facebook post2
    2.1 Million+ Followers
    There are plenty of compelling reasons to work with The Scientist to promote your content via social media, but the best reason is that we have a strong and growing presence across the most popular social channels for scientists. When you book a social post with us, the sky’s the limit (unless you run afoul of the algorithm!). Speaking of the algorithm, we have extensive experience dealing with the constantly changing rules and regulations on Facebook and other platforms, so we can help guide you to the best post for optimal results. Video is the top performer on social these days, and that’s not likely to change any time soon!
    YouTube Video Views (Year over Year)2
    Time PeriodNumber of VideosYT Video Views
    2016 (Jan-Dec)426,674
    2017 (Jan-Dec)5310,407
    2018 (Jan-Sep)6113,051
    The Medium is the Message
    Take Advantage Of Video
    It’s easy to get your video front of our 2.1 million-plus2 Facebook followers, but it’s not always easy to keep their attention. We can work with you to make sure your content is eye-catchingly compelling. Here’s how we do it:
    • Talk to your sales rep about your current campaign goals and who you’re having trouble targeting
    • We’ll put together a storyboard for a social video that we think will score big with our audience
    • Production and launch of your custom video are entirely turnkey; sit back and wait for the metrics
    See The Difference A Social Video Can Make!
    SMO Videos are a great introduction to using our social media presence to promote your brand and/or your products, but they also work hand in hand with other video projects. If your longer-form video or webinar needs a short, punchy teaser video, we can cut down the video to fit social specs. Social videos are also a great way to repurpose content you’ve already generated (whether in-house or with a partner). We can re-edit, cut down, refocus, or animate any existing video you have.
    Let's Talk Creative
    Let's keep this conversation moving. Leave us a note and we'll be in touch.
    2. Publisher's own data