• Show that your brand promotes cutting-edge scientific research
  • Even with the technology available today, the face-to-face presentation is still a staple of the scientific community. But laboratory researchers can’t always travel to conferences. Sponsor a webinar to promote an area of research near and dear to your heart, or to show your support for scientific progress. Bring these talks to the lab! Support important researchers and the work they do; display your brand as a promoter of progress; and reach large, engaged audiences.
    Recent webinars have accrued2
    • More than 1,000 registrants
    • Approximately 40% attendance rate (live views/registered)
    • More than 100 questions during a single live event
    Why Work With TS?
    The Scientist Creative Services Division has a long history of advancing science and promoting scientists, and a natural extension of that is our webinar series. Every year, we run over 20 live webinar events, and every year we build our audience with valuable and interactive programs. Sponsoring a live webinar with The Scientist allows you to position your company as a leader in the topic area, no matter how crowded the field!
    2019 Webinar Stats2
    Registrants per Event (Avg.)806
    Custom Webinar836
    Multisponsored Webinar1,239
    LabTools Webinar311
    Stay at the Forefront of the Research Community
    We currently offer three different formats for webinars:

    Custom webinars offer a completely customized experience for a single sponsor, from topic selection, speaker recruitment, speaker training, promotion, hosting, and registration collection. We do it all! You’ll only need to approve a few critical decisions along the way. Our custom webinars maintain an objective tone and are perfectly suited to discussing a research question or hot topic. As the sponsor, you’ll provide a company profile to be read during the live event, as well as up to three relevant resources that attendees may download during the webinar. You’ll receive the complete registration list and details on who downloaded what resources. These webinars are available on demand within 1-2 days of the live event, and we’ll continue to host them for a minimum of one year.

    Our multi-sponsored webinars are similar to custom webinars, but topics are selected by the Creative Services team. These webinars may be sponsored by up to four companies that each receive the full registration list and download activity for their two downloadable resources. A short blurb can be provided as an introduction to the sponsor during the live event. These webinars are very popular and fill up well in advance of the live event! Take a look at the upcoming topics.

    LabTools webinars feature a sponsor’s product, a speaker internal to the sponsoring company, or a speaker invited by the sponsoring company. Upon delivery of the required information (title, topic, description, speaker details, etc.), the Creative Services team promotes LabTools webinars in the same manner as the other webinars.

    For details on which webinar series would be right for you and your company, talk to a sales representative today!
    Incorporating Webinars Into Your Program
    Webinars are well suited as components of larger programs. You might start with a custom content development project and promote it via a social media post or pay-per-lead campaign. After the webinar, we can repurpose sections of the talks into social media optimized videos for driving further interest. Repurposing content is easy with our packages!
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