Our third party opt-in list of more than 211,000 subscribers allows you to target and segment your message to your desired target audience. Crafting a message that includes valuable content, new product announcements, or special offers, and sending it to a list of researchers with a genuine interest in this area sets you up for some strong results!

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Quality email address are far more important than quantity. With our inbound marketing integration with HubSpot, we can place your message in front of researchers who are actively engaged with The Scientist, allowing you to reach them with the right content at the right time.


  1. Choose your Audience: Start with a database of more than 211,000 contacts and use our selection tool to choose your desired audience broken down by geography institution type, job title, education level, work area, and technique used. If you’re looking for a list that is even more customized, work with your account manager to craft a custom list based on your content or keywords.
  2. Get a Quote + Choose a Date: Your account manager will provide you with a cost estimate and a list of available dates. We have a limited number of spaces available each week, so reserve early!
  3. Submit Material: We will return a proof for approval prior to deployment. You may also choose to A/B test subject lines/content, and schedule a specific time of send if needed.
  4. See the Results: We will provide you with a complete report, including total emails sent, emails delivered, emails opened, and unique/total click-throughs within a week of deployment.

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