56,5471 BPA-audited life-science decision makers and innovators receive a print or digital edition of The Scientist 11 times a year. Among those reading The Scientist, two of three (60%) read all or most issues, with three quarters reading half or more (77%).2

When a reader picks up a copy of The Scientist they’re responding to the clarity of message, insightful tone, and seriously refreshing perspective. Our approach to covering life-science research has landed us awards for both feature articles and accompanying infographics. A print ad in The Scientist hits readers when they are truly engaged and enjoying the content they’re reading! These highly educated readers are passionate and faithful fans – they read the magazine because they want to, not because they have to.
“I’m always interested to see what new equipment developments appear in the advertising”
Senior Director, Wyeth Research
1. BPA Worldwide June 2019 Circulation Statement, total qualified = 56,5472. Publisher's own data